Captioning Flash Video

After spending all day exploring closed captioning options and actually experimenting with a few, I found that there were some I really liked and some that were a pain.  The problem with most of them (I was previously warned, I just forgot) was that with all the free software that captions, most of them do not add it to the video, they just create the file that adds the caption.  You still need a software that will combine the two files.  That software costs money.  I’ve looked at all sorts of options for this.  My favorite so far is MovieCaptioner ($99) and you still need to get QuickTime Pro to convert it.

The other problem I’ve found for my own issue is that the CC does not seem to follow the conversions I’ve tried (through Prism since I don’t have $30 for QTPro) and then when I upload to TeacherTube it’s not there.  TeacherTube will allow me to upload the .mov file that has the captions but the captions are there once it’s uploaded.

Additionally, TeacherTube appears to convert the silly thing into a Flash Video.  This, of course sent me into exploring how to caption flash video.  I’ve found myself once again stymied.  I found 2 software options that discuss CCing Flash video but one is greek to me (CCforFlash) and the other you have to pay for to even use, there is no shareware option.  So here I am struggling with this since TeacherTube is the vehicle I use to deliver videos in the classroom. I either find a new video host, get TeacherTube to give me another option, or find a way to caption flash (which can be done successfully since BrainPop does it.)

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