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When creating videos with closed captions there are a couple of ways you can achieve this.  You could close caption it yourself by obtaining, installing, and using captioning software, this will save you money.  You could hire a company that will do this for your, this is not very cost efficient but will save you time.  One thing to keep in mind.  Most of these software options allow you to script your video but you will need an additional software, such as QuickTime Pro to compile your video and your captioning/subtitles.

Do It Yourself

Below is a list of software that allows you to caption your videos “at home”.  Some of these solutions you will see again under the “Commercial” heading because these companies offer you both solutions.



Subtitle Workshop





TechSmith Camtasia Studio

Inqscribe Simple Transcription and Subtitling


CPC CaptionMaker/MacCaption Feature Comparison

Video Example

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Commercial Solutions

In my research of this aspect of closed captioning I have found that none of the commercial sites want to give prices for their services.  I presume that this is so they have the liberty to price appropriately to the project and the customer.  This would allow them to give special pricing to groups whose needs are for education or special needs rather than those customers trying to reach “another demographic” for sales.

Riverside Captioning Company

Website:  Riverside Closed Captioning Company

Pricing:  Contact for pricing

Services Offered: This company will either caption or subtitle your videos for you.

Notes:  I like this website because they have a page that explains what captioning is and why you should do it. It’s broken down into easy to understand language and can be found on the Facts About Captioning Page


Website: CaptionSync

Pricing: Contact for pricing

Services Offered: Captioning & Subtitling

Notes: This website is an interesting mix of do-it-yourself and commercial. You can do your own transcript and then upload the transcript and the video and they will combine the two for you. Watching the tutorial video, however, it is still rather pricey to do it this way. They have a prepaid as well as other options for you to use their services. I also noted that their tutorial video had some errors in the closed caption script.


Website:  ViTAC

Pricing:  Call for pricing

Notes: This company can manage both closed captioning and subtitles. They ensure that all captions and subtitles meet legal requirements.

dotSUB Enterprise Solutions

Website:  dotSub Enterprise Solutions

Pricing:  General pricing for services are found here: dotSub Services

Notes:  This website offers information on the laws (Canadian & US based) and why subtitling is needed.

The company will subtitle a video for you and will professionally translates videos for you.

Inclusive Media & Design

Website:  Inclusive Media & Design

Pricing:  Contact for Pricing

Notes:  This company will subtitle a video for you. The company also supplies workshops that explores tools and services for captioning and how to caption hands on.

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