Website:  dotSUB Website

Cost:  Free

Operating System:  N/A

System Requirements:  Online

UDL and Accessibility:  Used to create subtitles for videos. Can translate a transcript for a video to many languages.  It transcribes the video on the screen as you work. It has shortcut keys you can use to control how the video plays while you transcribe.

This is a fairly simple transcription tool. The first thing you do is upload the video you want to add subtitling to. Once it has been uploaded and ready to be transcribed, dotSub will send you an e-mail. You then transcribe the video and type it into the interface. Once you have transcribed it, you can have it translated into any language you want. This is nice if you are working with ESL students who are new to the country! This is not a feature I have found in any other option yet.

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